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Premium Quality Baking Since 1929

Text Box: Heinemannís Product Listings
   Chart Spreadsheet that includes product numbers. Units per case, weights and measurements, UPC codes. Case dimensions, etc. 
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Heinemannís Products

†† Use the links below to find each and every product Heinemannís offers, including all pertinent information, SKUís, product numbers, etc.

Text Box: Cookies 
   Photos and descriptions of our cookie offerings. Cookie Buckets, holiday cookies and more.
Text Box: Large Coffee Cakes and Danish Rolls   Photos, links and descriptions of all of our larger coffee cake and Danish offerings. 17-24 ounces.
Text Box: Small Coffee Cakes Photos, links and descriptions of all of our  coffee cake and Danish offerings. 15-18 ounces.
Text Box: Layer Cakes, Crumb Cakes, Pudding Cakes   Photos, links and descriptions of Heinemannís extensive cake line. (Also check holiday products for additional cakes).
Text Box: Holiday Products
   This includes our vast array of pudding cakes, coffee cakes, cookies, iced apple pies, pumpkin pies and more, including our famous Hot cross Buns.
Text Box: Brownies
Our delicious fudge brownies are true gourmet eating.  We offer four varieties and numerous packaging choices. Bulk packs too!!!!

New Products

†† Heinemannís is continually developing new products to keep the array of baked goods fresh and interesting for the customer.

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